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Juego de palancas 3 pcs IZHAVEL FULL CROMO 4130 BIDIRECCIONALES (sirven para ambos lados) INCLUYEN CAJA MID 19 mm Reemplaza KROW , ya no se produce
$ 1.950,00
Utilizing everything that matters and nothing that doesn't was the running theme of the Subrosa OM frame. Removing expensive flare such as welded on
$ 16.390,00
Broc Raiford Signature Frame Top Tube: 20.75?, 21? & 21.25? Chainstay: 13.25?-13.75? (13.5? center to center)
$ 22.500,00


$ 990,00
Stock: 11 unidades

Casco VENZO MTB con regulacion de nuca micro ajustable, super ligero, estructura de panal.

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