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Pegs SHADOW LITTLE ONES. full cromo x unidad
$ 1.350,00
Toptube Sizes:20.5?, 20.85?, 21?Chainstay Length:13.65" SlammedBottom Bracket Height:11.75"Standover Height:8.5"Headtube Angle:75°Seattube Angle:71°
$ 29.900,00
The Crux Frame is a no bells, no whistles entry level frame for younger riders. It features the same quick street style geometry as our high end Balla
$ 19.500,00

cuadro IZHAVEL dirt jump ROD 26 tornasolado

$ 12.900,00
Stock: 5 unidades

acero hi-ten , caja mid , vaina conificada, frente integrado, clamp integrado, anclaje para caliper (freno a disco )

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